Geoff Stern Art Space is an international platform for contemporary sound art, with a commercial gallery located in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district.

Founded in February 2013, Geoff Stern Art Space has established itself as an institution within Berlin’s sound art scene through its curated exhibition programme, in which noted artists such as Sven-Åke Johansson, Burkhard Beins and Axel Dörner have participated.

As of Autumn 2018 Geoff Stern Art Space is dedicated to SONIC SPACE, a new exhibition series centred on sound installations by artists who are active within the sound art scene in Berlin and internationally. Curated by Geoff Stern, SONIC SPACE explores sound’s materiality from a variety of artistic perspectives, reflecting the complex field of sound art in contemporary practice – from provocative noise manifestos and soundscapes of catastrophe to musical sculptures and conceptual critiques of social space.


Geoff Stern – founder/curator
Yu Tang – gallery director
Gabriela Lesmes – gallery attendant
Axenia-Anamaria Rosca – assistant
Maria Evrydiki Poulopoulou – intern
Raquel Olivas – photographer
Takuya Furukawa – web & graphic designer