Performance, 16 July 2015
Liz Allbee – trumpets
Olaf Hochherz – synthesizer
Ute Wassermann – voice and bird whistles
Felicity Mangan – field recordings

On a beautiful warm summer evening, AnimalNacht, a project of four artists exploring the mimesis and play back of animal sounds through voice, instrument, computer music and field recordings, performed in the sculpture garden of the gallery, beneath André Tempel’s hanging installation ‘BBBB’ in front of a large audience after dark. Olaf Hochherz (synthesizer) and Felicity Mangan (field recordings) performed stationary in their personally chosen spots in the garden, out of site of one another, their sounds being projected through small monitors hidden in the vegetation, whilst Ute Wassermann (voice and bird whistles) and Liz Allbee (trumpets) moved slowly around the garden, working their way through the vegetation and the audience.

ANIMALNACHT twilight (crop 1, web)

July 16, 2015 Sound Art