Performance, 19 April 2016
Synthesizers and various electronics

The duo performance of Chris Abrahams and Burkhard Beins is informed by a reductionist aesthetic of sound as industrial noise. Abrahams plays a synthesizer while Beins uses an elaborate circuit of small analog synthesizers, loopers and custom-made electronics. With insistent pulsations that never lapse into a steady beat, the performance’s textured noise effects and dynamic shifts oscillate between wild abandon and purposeful determination.

Chris Abrahams is a Sydney-based keyboardist, best known for his work in free jazz. He has been a member of the Benders, Laughing Clowns, The Sparklers and The Necks, and worked with artists such as The Church, The Whitlams, Midnight Oil, Wendy Matthews, Skunkhour and Silverchair. His work on the soundtrack for the film ‘The Tender Hook’ was nominated for the ‘Best Original Music Score’ AFI Award in 2008.

Burkhard Beins is best known as one of the most distinctive percussionists in European free music. He is also a composer and sound artist who works with found objects and electronics. His work often combines field recordings, percussion material and electronic devices with digital multitracking. A member of ensembles such as Perlonex, Activity Center, Polwechsel and Phosphor, he also works with Keith Rowe, Sven-Åke Johansson, John Tilbury and Charlemagne Palestine.

Burkhard Beins' synthesizer setup.
Burkhard Beins’ pre-performance setup.

April 19, 2016 Sound Art