‘Light Bulb Music’, 23 June 2016
Performance with light bulbs and electronic devices

Light transforms into sound with ‘Light Bulb Music’, an audiovisual performance using sounds that are generated by different light bulbs and actuating electric devices. The use of different controllers such as switches, dimmers, relays, flashers and various others leads to changes in the light and the current flow. This is made audible by a range of microphones and pick-ups. In addition, fine mechanical sounds occurring inside the light controllers are amplified and integrated into the performance. The changes in the light intensity, the incandescence of the filaments and the rhythmic variety of the flickering and pulsing lights is directly transformed into a comprehensive and microcosmic electro-acoustic world of sound.

Photo: Raquel Olivas

Michael Vorfeld is a sound and visual artist based in Berlin. In addition to photography and film, he realises installations and performances with light and electro-acoustic sound pieces. His installations generally focus on the spatialization of light, using minimalist architecture and sound design to attain pure, crystalline shapes. His performances are centered on the use of bowed cymbals and self-designed string instruments to create shimmering, microtonal music rich in overtones. His work has been documented mainly by the German label NURNICHTNUR, but also on Hybrid, AufRhur, X-Tract, and Trente Oiseaux.

June 23, 2016 Sound Art