NOT ON THE GUEST LIST! 19 April 2016

Performance with voice, drums and gongs


A clash between vocal acrobatics and virtuosic drumming, NOT ON THE GUEST LIST! is an explosive cocktail of rhythmic noise by the wife-and-husband team of Natalie Sandtorv and Ole Mofjell. Their performance entails a palpable mixture of competition as well as collaboration – the human voice wrestles the drum kit for the title of most percussive instrument and ultimately emerges victorious.


Natalie Sandtorv

Sandtorv is a versatile vocalist who takes an organic, genre-bending approach to using the human voice in acoustic environments and in combination with electronics. A recipient of the Ålesund Culture Award and Kjell Holm Stiftelsen Culture Grant, she completed her Master of Music in Performance at the Rytmisk Musikk Konservatorium (Copenhagen, 2016). Recently she has collaborated with the Ålesund String Quartet and gone on tour with Marte Eberson.



Ole Mofjell

Ole Mofjell is a percussionist who regularly performs in ensembles such as Brute Force and COKKO. Since completing his studies in the Jazz program at the Trondheim Musikkonsevatorium, he has performed throughout Europe in various projects and collaborations with artists, including Erik Kimestad Pedersen, Rob Void 3.0 and Nypan.


OLLE 1 (grade 2) WEB!

Photos: Rachel Olivas


April 19, 2016 current sound art