Natalie Sandtorv

It didn’t feel like I was screaming because the world was so loud (2018)
Eight-channel sound installation.

15 November – 13 December 2018.

The second installment of SONIC SPACE, a new exhibition series at Geoff Stern Art Space, features a sound installation by Natalie Sandtorv.

Sandtorv’s sound installation is a retrospective meditation on her own career choices and a comment on societies’ constant need for self-confirmation through imitation of the originality of others; the never-ending mirroring we do to ourselves. The human voice has no limitations, and Sandtorv builds a universe in this installation by using nothing but the voice itself. With sound artist Erik Havnes as producer and musician/husband Ole Mofjell as sound recordist, Santorv has compiled recordings of her voice as a multichannel, ambisonic piece, and Havnes has layered, edited and dug deep into the sonic material to create an intimate and immersive listening experience – eight individual tracks, improvised and made as a comment to each other.


Natalie Santorv at Sonic Space. Photo: Raquel Olivas

The Norwegian voice artist Natalie Sandtorv has been working on improvisational music with different groups and the electro-acoustic solo project Pieces of Solitude. There she explored the voice in combination with electronics and created a new vibration within the avant-garde scene. With her commissioned works Freedom Nation and Nomadic Rhymes, she has established herself both as a strong composer and unique vocal artist. It didn’t feel like I was screaming because the world was so loud is her first sound installation.

November 1, 2018 current sound art, SONIC SPACE